In addition to the usual apps such as WhatsApp, Spotify or Netflix, the company has especially taken a close look at mobile games. Below we present the best mobile games in Germany. First, we're talking about the top 10 users spend most of their time with, then the most successful games in terms of total downloads in the App Store. Finally, we give you an overview of the worldwide ranking of …

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I don’t care if you’ve never played Warframe before or are a Tenno with hundreds of hours under your fashionable space belt, you need to watch this trailer for Warframe  – Codename: Railjack. It’s a free expansion that will seamlessly take you from the new open-world of Fortuna, to ship-to-ship combat, to open-space acrobatics, to infiltrating the big bad’s capital ship, all with friends fighting alongside you on turrets or in jetpacks or on foot. If that sounds familiar, it may be…

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After doing a short piece on the dark side of technology, we figured it makes sense to look at the positives. Which there are plenty of.

In fact, you are much more likely to benefit from the technological advancements rather than suffer.

What’s with the positivity

We like to bash the 1% for being greedy. Sure, they always want more money and there is a terrible disbalance in the world regarding poverty. But you know what rich and powerful also want? To live. It’s much more of an attractive option rather by being wiped out by AI robots.

A.I. robot SofiaAnd they can influence things.

Forget all the Jeffs and Chads of social media japing on about World War 3 and the rise of the machines. They may come to destroy us, or they may not. In any case, there is very little you and I can do about it.

On the other hand, we all already benefit from technological advancements every day.

The Light Side of the Moon

Take any area in life and you will see how technology has helped billions of people around the world. We used to have polio and die at 40 years old. We worked in mines and had slavery.

Rumba cleans the floorThese days are gone. Whether we are talking medicine, spreading the message, cleaning up the planet, exploring outer space or understanding animals better.

We can talk about spending more time with out families while Rumba cleans the floor.

We can talk about people who get to touch, see, hear for the first time in many years.

We can talk about people who will get to live because their liver, kidney or heart was grown in a lab.

We can talk about helping people with a wide array of problems.

All thanks to science and technology that helped us understand all those problems.

What you need to do

Stay conscious. Technology is a lure to all the fish of the world. One more YouTube video (never is), last phone check (it’s not), a couple of minutes of live dealer roulette, etc. Time and time again.

Does technology have a dark side? Yes, it does. But there are and always have been people who let themselves go and only care about momentary pleasure. All you have to do is focus on yourself. Stay on your path, recognize when technology is medicine and when it is a lure that draws you from your goals.

Technology is a salvation. We get to do things and see places that otherwise we would not be able to. But it has it’s dark side. Consider this, Neanderthals were much more prepared for the technological age than we are. In order to survive, they were always aware of their surroundings because any ruffle of leaves could mean a tiger hiding.

Some psychologists claim that’s where our smartphone addiction comes from. Every beep, every notification draws us like a moth to a flame because, on the subconscious level, it’s a survival instinct. You say that notifications can be turned off? O.K.

But there is a new tiger rustling the leaves of the bush. And we should be terrified of it. It’s called Augmented Reality.

The Private Age

When the internet was born, we as users learned the power of privacy. No more marching to the ‘XXX 24/7’ store. It’s all on the internet now. FREE. No more shaming stares after you ask a dumb

question. All the answers are online and these questions have already been asked by someone else.

Our habits

Waiting until your casino opens? No need. It’s already online and even, on your mobile phone where you can pay by phone at casino you play.

Not to say it’s all bad. Or even bad, altogether.

But we got addicted. That’s a fact.

Our habits changed. We changed.

It was the dawn of the age of trolls (South Park nailed the issue in Season 20). So, what’s the problem? Let’s leave the debate of whether you should or shouldn’t have complete privacy online. The issue is that we got used to the internet as a private place and don’t notice that it’s not anymore.

Facebook (and let’s be honest, every other company to advertise on Google and Facebook) know everything about us. Our hobbies, our friends, our problems. We are being surveilled 24/7 for the last 10 years. And if that doesn’t hurt because you don’t see it, it’s going to get ugly pretty soon.

Big Brother Age

Big Brother AgeIn the beginning, we mentioned augmented reality. The concept is extremely appealing in movies, especially in action movies like the Minority Report. But is it really sexy in the real world?

Ask yourself this: How would you feel if all day, every day you would be surrounded by cameras and never knew when they were on?

See what I mean? Google Glass stirred the pot a few years back, now Snapchat has their own camera-glasses. And there will be many more products in the next few years. It’s not the case of not acting badly. Humans are imperfect. Follow anyone for a day and you’ll be able to record dozens of ‘incriminating’ moments.

Here’s the worst part. Not only we are unprepared, we are powerless to change anything. The only options seem to be going off grid or accepting. Or maybe that’s a positive thing? Maybe, we will learn to tell the truth more often and handle it better. Maybe we’ll become more empathic of each other, learn to understand that a small lie from our best friend is not the betrayal of Judas.

  • Adobe Flash officially ends in 2020, the company will stop distributing it.
  • Flash has changed the site, Flash Player once had every computer.
  • From the beginning, Flash was full of mistakes, ending earlier.

Adobe killed Flash. More precisely, Flash developers have been killed before Flash, but Adobe has now publicly announced when it will officially build a funeral: By the end of 2020, it will stop distributing and repairing Flash Player. Although Flash is a disaster in terms of safety, it has unforgettably entered the history of the site.

His history began to be written in the nineties of the last century. It was not yet named Flash, but SmartSketch had nothing to do with the web, it was a vector editor for today’s forgotten PenPoint platform. In time, they added animations, and when Macromedia acquired Macromedia in 1996, Macromedia Flash was born and Macromedia Flash Player was born. By the end of the 20th century he had completely mastered the field. He has brought something completely new to his browsers: animations.

From today’s view of streaming Full HD video, it was not a big hole in the world, but it must be remembered that at that time Internet connection speeds were in tens of kilobits per second and the computers were essentially wooden and pedalable. Vector animations offered the possibility of showing quite a small amount of transferred data to show a nice animation, something unprecedented. With today’s browser, HTML 5 and JavaScript capabilities, we do not need any extra plug-ins, but at that time, the current triple versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator and JavaScript just shyly shoved their ugly corners.

Browsers did not have anything like animation, so a plug-in, essentially a program in the program, was needed. If the browser per se, then the middle of the site only produced a hole in the content of the foreign program, the plugin, in this case Macromedia Flash Player. In the same way, Java Applets and basically all the other plugins of similar stamping (many of them were made, but all but Flash and smaller Java were still-born children).

Security risk hidden behind entertainment

This development gives an answer to the question of why Flash and Javas are such a security disaster. One of the most vulnerable types of vulnerabilities is RCE (Remote Code Execution), and it’s the ability to run the attack code on the victim’s computer. The Internet browser is by nature a “security hole” because it is the purpose of its existence to download the code written by someone else (HTML, CSS, JavaScript …) and execute it on the victim’s computer … er, user. However, the first browsers did not know much about it, and so they could not spoil much. Other skills have become quite slow and, of course, they have a lot of problems on their minds, and some people have recalled and added fundamental restraints in their progressive development.

Flash did not have that, and when Macromedia added the ActionScript programming option in 2000, the plugin became another marching RCE hole, which in addition to virtually every user of the site had on its computer over time. In 2005, Macromedia was swept away by Adobe, which maintains Flash today. If you are a fan of slot machine games that use flash, dont worry though. Your favourite gaming websites like will adapt to new technologies and you will have many opportunities to gamble and win big jackpots. Technology will not screw you over, pal.

Lovers of web site makers

Programmers – especially some – Flash loved. Compared to HTML, he had incredible capabilities, a comfortable development environment, and he could do a lot of things done on the client side without the need to query the server. Flash also liked advertisers and graphic artists because they looked everywhere as well, while browsers tended to access HTML and CSS rather as a non-binding inspiration for their own graphic conception. In addition, unlike HTML, Flash is compiled, so the source code is not directly visible, which some intellectually ludicrous individuals considered to be a security benefit in the spirit of “security by obscurity”.

Flash capabilities have outpaced their time, which, of course, can not be said about its internal implementation and architecture. It is terrible and has become the basis for later problems. Over time, an increasing number of mistakes have begun to appear on the platform as well as implementational (somewhat poorly programmed) and conceptual (somewhat misconceived). Errors were corrected within the scope of the option, but Flash had no automatic update mechanism, so users had to download and install the update themselves. Of course, a large part of them did not. The other, on the other hand, did absolutely mindlessly and installed anything that could display a window that at least almost resembled a familiar update dialog.


Standing Standards, End of Flash

In the meantime, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript caught a new breath, and a number of things that Flash needed before were able to make new browsers themselves. For a long time, his domain was still playing video, but eventually browsers managed to come up with HTML 5 themselves. The flaw in the so-called Universal Flash support in browsers meant the year 2007 when the iPhone appeared and Apple said that Flash is not and will never be supported on the platform.

The last prestige of Flash has become advertising. Networks for their distribution have also become a grateful target for attackers, who have been able to distribute their infected files at a low cost even on servers of well-known names considered trustworthy. It was this last bastion of Flashe and its abuse of the attacks that caused a strong resistance from the professional public.

That Flash does not have a future, it is clear for many years. Browsers, moreover, increasingly restrict their support and will continue to do so. Nowadays, a regular user of Flash does not need it anymore, depending only on various legacy applications and long-forgotten websites. The full end of support and distribution will only come about in 2020, but Flash has actually died earlier. Although he has left a clear track in the history of the Internet, he will die in isolation and he will not be mourned.

The Motorola moto X4 is the new moto X series of smartphones that has been called the X4. This phone is expected to be released late 2017; that is in November. What makes the Motorola Moto X4 special? Here are its specifications: moto x4 image



· Dual lens rear camera.

· Aluminum body.

This phone is an Android 7.1 Smartphone and a touchscreen device. It has an aluminum body. It has an IP 68 waterproofing which means that it can be submerged up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. It is also dust resistant. It has dual lens in the rear camera. It is covered with slim bezels on both sides of the screen with the larger ones on top and on the bottom. On the front, there is a physical home button which will use a fingerprint sensor that is used for unlocking the phone.


· 5.2-inch display.

· 424ppi.

The phone will have has a 5.2-inches of full HD display and with 3D glass. The 3D glass gives the screen curved glass edges similar to that of appleiPhone7. Its resolution is 1080×1920 pixels and has a 424 ppi pixel density. It has onscreen buttons and a button beneath the display. Its features include a light sensor and a proximity sensor.


· Dual camera with LED flash.

· 16mp front camera.

· 12mp back camera.

The moto x4 will have a dual camera system and it will have both lenses built inside a circular module on the back of the phone. These lenses come with a LED flash. It has an 8-megapixel sensor with the dual camera and a 12 megapixels back or rear camera. The front camera has 16 megapixels. The features of the camera are digital zoom, self-timer, and voice activation and face detection. It also has flash.


The x4 has a system memory of 4 GB and an internal memory capacity of 64 GB. For the processor; it has the QUALCOMM’s Snapdragon 630 and Adreno 508 graphics processor. It has a 3000mAh built-in battery with quick charge technology. A built-in battery means that one cannot make his or her own replacement.


It connects both to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Its Wi-Fi connectivity is 802.11 b, g, n. It has a USB mass storage of 2.0. Its features are mass storage device and USB charging. Its navigation is through turn-by-turn and voice navigation. Its positioning capabilities are GPS and A-GPS.

The other features of the phone include:

· Sensors: Accelerometer.

· Notifications: Haptic feedback.

· Others: Voice recording, voice commands, and voice dialing.

Based on the above specification and features, we can see that the new moto x4 smartphone is a decent phone. It includes a 5.2inch full display and a 3000mAh battery capacity. It is water and dust proof. This means that this Smartphone is the best model for you.

Top Choices of Technology Boom

A brand new undertaking known as The Factory has lately started, which means to set many businesses under one roof, SoundCloud contained. For foreign firms from nations including Singapore and UK, the maturation of the industry research company is exactly what they wanted. Such as the gold-rush days developments were created in any company, folks from all around the world flocked to make the most of the circumstance. Additional maturation of nuclear power in america almost finished. Given the higher growth related to technology, nurture and other regions have started to create tech sectors that were major. The truth is that in Mumbai a unique economical zone was created with liberal financial laws in contrast with all the remainder of India which brings foreign investment and technology and encourages rapid financial growth utilizing tax and business bonuses.

Yes, it is actually a new market. This boom in IT sector has produced a direct effect on the hospitality industry inside this city. It is feasible for you to see why the software business is an enormous market to get a youthful entrepreneur to into.

It is also possible by putting an expert website up, to transact your organization through the internet route. The organization is believed to truly have a sizable deal with Sprint. Today tech businesses stay in downtown. Many firms will not be ready for the amount of detail that will be contained within their specifications. So for a small business to be really successful, it must be extraordinary.


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The Little-Known Secrets to Technology Boom

The effect on the whole world is going to be nothing less than shocking. The future of web video for business will certainly continue to raise Thus far, recognizing the assurance of high quality work for affordable pay was hit or miss.

In the event that you believe you are better off with producing also it is a hard job. Remarkably complex work is currently beginning to appear. It isn’t difficult to install and transportable. It is definitely going to be organizational. It’s challenging to grasp the reason this is.

Taking advantages of a chance means understanding there is to be able to make the most of. You don’t have that chance to exchange some bodily gestures, like a warm smile or firm handshake. For technology hubs, having the ability to efficiently reach your talent pool is nearly as critical as the accessibility to the talent itself. There’s no need to cover expensive storage space or to get lots of retail stores. Undertaking a worldwide journey means a mindset that is worldwide and changes. It fails everywhere it’s tried. The best part is the truth that it is entirely imperceptible.

The Benefits of Technology Boom

The accurate variety of startups in Vegas is cloudy. There are an excellent amount of people around the world who had love to have a look at the company listings in the initial location when they’re intently searching for advertising alternatives that are sturdy and lucrative. It’s none besides Mobile phone. It’s among typically the most popular phones in the history of Pakistan.

New technologies emerged which integrated several scientific principles. Per Annum, new technology is introduced inside this segment, and also the brand new notion of’Augmented Reality’ is something which we should be seeking for. Cleaner technologies are sometimes not available and, till they’ve run their useful living, even though they are companies generally do not replace their old technologies. In this instance, the technology that permits the extraction of the oil becomes one more supply of danger and we’re paying the selling price.

Information Technology has an essential presence in the handling of numerous organizations. For some individuals technology and the newest gadgets signify something a lot more important than simply purchasing products to better their image and self-esteem. It means various things to different folks, and everyone has their particular group of preferences in regards to such things. There are several net technologies which are in earning your brand establish strongly online available.

One small issue with satellite communication technology, nevertheless is the absolute space with communicating with orbiting satellites, which may result in a little delay in transmission time involved. The issue with measures such as end-of-pipe technologies is they are technical fixes which do not deal with the reason behind the dilemma. This is of no consequence to satellite radio, but still, it is occasionally a small issue for two-way communication services like phone and broadband.


Many companies that are varied want specialized software-packages for filling their needs that are usable along with functional. ” Our retention rate for an organization is someplace in the 98 % variety. Our business is reactive. The key firms sign addresses the software manufacturing businesses to get their products collectively with their annual upgrades. So makers will work to repair the issue as well as in future, we might see several drug starts which foster life expectancy significantly and will significantly lower the complications.

Sustainable development policies seek to alter the character of monetary growth instead of restrict it. Even when you select the latter, be sure that you simply understand just how to make changes and upgrade it. You will find loads of methods to become involved in space without starting your own firm. It’s among the most truly effective methods to earn technology work for the benefit

Technological advancement is essential in areas of of company instruction, in addition to health care. China was made the initial imperial power on the planet by the development of compass. Increase through the initial two decades (1960-1980) was a result of an individual utility’s development of an individual dry-steam resource. Managing the development of your organization is challenging to say the least. The advancement of digital camera technology is believed to be connected to the evolution of Video and TV technology. Then there’s the work feeling.

Type of Technology Development

The level to determines to a considerable extent the degree of social improvement. Thinking about the considerable degree of the effect of technology a regular instance is considered below. Pupils learn more info on the exact same and may seek out the notions that they learn in the books on the web. It aids the students combined with the teachers in studying the training course stuff readily by enabling more rapid access to information from the different side of the planet on several exceptional topics. It’s obvious that engineering education has to be changed (or even reinvented) to cover the challenges related with one of these worldwide issues. Distance learning programs have gotten potential just on account of the world wide web.

Buying a computer is no easy task, especially if you have no idea where to start, this is why, and having a guide is nothing to be ashamed about.

Having said that, do not worry, since the points ranging from how to choose, what to choose and which of all the options is the most suitable for your needs will be covered in this article on the 10 things you should consider before buying a new computer.

  1. In which ambit will your equipment be working?

Knowing in which ambit your platform will operate on, is essential before going to any store; so you have a better idea, it will not be the same a PC to play videogames as one to enjoy multimedia only, therefore, it will not be equal to the last named ones, one designed for the job.

First, in the area of multimedia and streaming playback, you must have a very quiet computer, with little power consumption, and if possible, have a rather small case or body. This will prevent the platform from being obstructed when it is placed in your living room or in a secluded place where it can broadcast the transmission of content to the whole house.

If, on the other hand, you want a device ready to break the party of videogames, you must opt for equipment with two simple points to emphasize: performance and good capacity of cooling. In this area the aesthetics of the rig is not very important, since if you are a player, you must choose in most of cases brute force.

Today’s games require at least 8GB of RAM, which is the memory in charge of managing applications running; the more you have the better. In addition, it is also recommended to have CPUs or central processing units, with at least 4 cores at a frequency of 3.0 GHz or more, whether AMD or Intel.

The workstations have much similarity to the equipment designed to play, but with the great difference that here, more than power, a lot of cooling quality is required. If it is a rig thought to be all day on, you should keep in mind that it generates a lot of heat.

Always opt for a case with good ventilation flow, if your office has air, also use it, performing constant calculations in real time, finances, video editing and others is a task that in many cases takes its time. In addition, it is recommended that you have an extra storage unit to back up your work.

  1. Size: more is less and less is more

Size is one of those things that is relevant when choosing a new computer, whether desktop or if you want to opt for a laptop, is undeniable.

If you have in mind to expand capacity by purchasing peripherals, it is better to have a large PC at home, this will allow you to add in a future, video cards, more PCI accessories, and of course, have a greater Number of ports, for example, connect 3 monitors at the same time.

However, and this is unified to portability, if you want a device that is quite ergonomic, elegant and does not occupy much space in your home, it is best to opt for something small, it will also be easy to carry.

Also remember that in most cases, small objects are usually less resistant to the weather, and this is also applicable to computer equipment. Good ventilation in most cases is linked to a large case, and therefore, more years of useful life, unless your “small and portable” PC is in a cold place.

  1. Portability

The portability of the equipment is important, today it does not matter if it is laptop or desktop, there are solutions that fulfill their function for both worlds. For example, Intel Compute Stick is a device no more than 14 centimeters long, which can be connected to an HDMI port to provide the full Windows 10 experience on a desktop display.

Surely you have gone on a trip and you want to take all your work to the place where you are going to stay, then look very well at this property of the equipment. There are also options that just put the case, reduced in size; you can keep it in your bag.

  1. Operating system

The operating system is also one of the elements that you should keep in mind, Microsoft’s Windows 10 is the most popular, however, it is not the only one, and each has its strength or weakness.

There are a diversity of systems, open source or proprietary, versions designed for the home or business environment; Linux, for example, in its different distributions can help you to avoid most of the viruses that are prowling the web, although it has little support for drivers of many peripherals.

On the other hand, if you want speed and strength when making video editing, you can opt for computers that have the operating system of Apple, macOS, although they are somewhat high in price; have software support for long periods.

Finally, if you want a simple operating system and thought for multimedia and streaming, you can opt for Google’s Chrome OS. This new software solution is simple, and merits being connected to the cloud at all times, even so, it is easy to buy a team of these, as they are very low cost.

  1. RAM, CPU and chipsets

Entering on the technical, you should always know what the internal components that the PC of your dreams should have, or at least, the one that meets your requirements. There are two essential things, RAM, which has already been mentioned in one of the above points, and CPU.

In the world of CPUs, there are two big exponents, Intel and AMD, as you must do listened, now which one to choose?, that will depend on many factors.

It is true that Intel has been very high in price, but surely you have not detailed the advantages they have over their competition; here you will understand a little about them. Here are the reasons why you should choose an Intel if you have the budget.

  • The 7th Generation Intel CPU, Kaby Lake has a 12 nanometer manufacturing process, ensuring high performance and low heat or power consumption.
  • They use DDR4 RAM for faster speed
  • They feature Intel HD integrated graphics
  • The socket they use ensures more support than AMD

As you can see, there are many advantages, but of course, the price is usually even 50% more in these components. Now, well, if you prefer an AMD CPU; here are a couple of advantages below:

  • AMD has a considerable advantage over the competition in integrated graphics thanks to its APU
  • Considerably more affordable prices
  • Wide variety of ranges to choose from
  • Models with up to 8 relatively cheap cores
  • Easy overclocking
  1. Amount of noise emitted

This is one of the variables that most emphasize if you like to be in a quiet environment, especially if your home, office or place of use, requires certain measures for sonic pollution.

For example, the number of decibels generated by a fan inside the equipment is very important, less noise often merits less effectiveness when cooling, you must know which of the two slopes is the one for you.

But if you want to have both benefits, such as low noise and high quality cooling, you can opt for liquid cooling equipment, although they are a little more expensive, they are worth it.

  1. Choosing a good motherboard

The motherboard is like that table where you are going to install an entire dinner, what does this say?, this certainly means: the higher quality of this, the more satisfaction you will get. This colloquial example will work for you to choose a good option.

The motherboard contains all the components for a PC, it is where they will be installed and therefore, it is the main piece of every component or device, even your cell phone contains one of these; Is also called a logic card.

To determine its quality, ask about the material used for its capacitors, if it maintains resistance to humidity or heat. In addition, you must also take into account the number of expansion slots with which it counts. There are different models, in relation to its size, and in addition, its port is determinant to know which CPU you should install. The size models, from highest to lowest are as follows:

  • ATX
  • Mini ATX
  • Micro ATX

The sockets to know which CPU model to choose, are AM2 / AM3 or AM3 + in the case of AMD, and by number of pins in the case of Intel.

  1. What is the useful life of your PC?

This is another question you have to ask yourself, since if you choose a cheap computer, with hardware already in the line of death, you could not choose to do hardware upgrade and this, translates to the end in short life.

It’s true, you could save a lot of dollars by buying previous generation equipment, and this is good if you quickly merit something where to start your work, but remember, it will not be valid or suitable for applications within 3 years or less, especially in video games.

So if you want to save money, opt for a low-end, but current generation motherboard, so in a short time you could upgrade your internal components.

  1. Memory and storage components

The amount of storage for your applications, multimedia, games and other content should always be kept in mind. This is linked to the area where you want to center your new PC. If you want to edit videos, or install video games, today you should at least have a hard disk of 1 or 2 terabytes.

If you want to use the device for streaming online, or just for multimedia content, this amount of storage may be minimal, since all content can easily be searched from the Internet or from MicroSD memories.

In addition, you must take into consideration the speed of the memories chosen, since in today’s market there are so-called SSDs, or Solid State Drives, which transmit data up to 10 times faster than conventional HDDs. However, this type of memory warrants a higher cost, and in addition, the use of relatively new ports, make sure your motherboard has them.

  1. Power Consumption

Finally, you must take into account the total electronic consumption of your new computer, this can be measured by taking each item separately and seeing its specifications in that area.

In addition, your PSU or Power Supply Unit must be certified, and thus have a much better control in terms of energy distribution for each internal component. In many cases bad energy sources have been able to burn entire systems.

Taking this into consideration you will save many dollars by having a much smaller electric bill; but of course, keep in mind that the CPU and the external video card, are the components that have higher energy suction, determines which is the most efficient in your case.

And how to choose a phone? No need to debate. I have a best review for you here.

Google Glass one of Google’s largest projects has not had the results they expected; its incredible technological progress, which provided security, ability to record and take pictures to everything you see, internet access via voice commands, maps, among other excellent features.

Despite the comfort and capacity they offered, Google Glass was not satisfactory enough for many, which quickly led to its failure. These pair of high-end glasses does not curl enough, but surely there is a reason for that.

You will ask why such an innovative project could have failed in such a way. The reasons are obvious, and one of the first was its price. When launched to e-commerce, more than one impressed us the cost of $ 1500, meaning that, it was worth almost the same as a new MacBook and also double the iPhone

Even so Google, it seems, they are working to create a corporate edition, or rather, an improved version, with different premises to not make the same mistake again.

It has been more than a year since the glasses have left the public sales, another of the great reasons of its disappearance was, the controversy that it caused before the society. It was classified as ridiculous, and became a target of mockery and attacks to those who used it.

A clear example of attack has been what happened in a bar in San Francisco, where journalist Sarah Slocum was physically and verbally attacked by the use of Google Glass. This happened very often, because wearing the high-end glasses that had the ability to take pictures with just wink an eye terrified the people around them. He created distrust and discomfort for many.


Negative points of the Google Glass

It was a disappointment on the part of Google because it promised something that did not fulfill. The glasses were not augmented reality; they were simply a display that you placed in your head. Its video recording capacity only up to 720p and the number of megapixels were 5.

The durability of the battery was really disappointing. Tim Bajarin said he included a battery that lasted only 2 to 3 hours, instead of lasting 6 hours as they claimed. He also said that it was the 1500 dollars worst spent, that did not contain useful information for him and that the user interface was horrible.

Christian Van Der Henst, added that the durability of the battery in video recording was 45 minutes and that, in addition, these glasses felt very fragile.

Another negative point is that they could not be demanded much performance for a long time because, in doing so, this device was heated causing them to go crazy. This demonstrates the lack of product performance.

Also was very annoying the use of the glasses when it reflected the sunlight and the connection to Internet used to have many flaws.

Despite their shortcomings, these gadgets were very useful in various tasks, although they were always used with some smartphone; they facilitated the use of it since you did not have to look at the phone screen at any time.

It was also very useful for some medical students and medical graduates when performing surgical interventions, allowing them to observe in more detail a knee cartilage operation.

Finally, it is noteworthy that apparently Google intends to have better quality with the new Daydream VR, their new augmented reality glasses that go hand in hand with the new Google Pixel.