Google Glass one of Google’s largest projects has not had the results they expected; its incredible technological progress, which provided security, ability to record and take pictures to everything you see, internet access via voice commands, maps, among other excellent features.

Despite the comfort and capacity they offered, Google Glass was not satisfactory enough for many, which quickly led to its failure. These pair of high-end glasses does not curl enough, but surely there is a reason for that.

You will ask why such an innovative project could have failed in such a way. The reasons are obvious, and one of the first was its price. When launched to e-commerce, more than one impressed us the cost of $ 1500, meaning that, it was worth almost the same as a new MacBook and also double the iPhone

Even so Google, it seems, they are working to create a corporate edition, or rather, an improved version, with different premises to not make the same mistake again.

It has been more than a year since the glasses have left the public sales, another of the great reasons of its disappearance was, the controversy that it caused before the society. It was classified as ridiculous, and became a target of mockery and attacks to those who used it.

A clear example of attack has been what happened in a bar in San Francisco, where journalist Sarah Slocum was physically and verbally attacked by the use of Google Glass. This happened very often, because wearing the high-end glasses that had the ability to take pictures with just wink an eye terrified the people around them. He created distrust and discomfort for many.


Negative points of the Google Glass

It was a disappointment on the part of Google because it promised something that did not fulfill. The glasses were not augmented reality; they were simply a display that you placed in your head. Its video recording capacity only up to 720p and the number of megapixels were 5.

The durability of the battery was really disappointing. Tim Bajarin said he included a battery that lasted only 2 to 3 hours, instead of lasting 6 hours as they claimed. He also said that it was the 1500 dollars worst spent, that did not contain useful information for him and that the user interface was horrible.

Christian Van Der Henst, added that the durability of the battery in video recording was 45 minutes and that, in addition, these glasses felt very fragile.

Another negative point is that they could not be demanded much performance for a long time because, in doing so, this device was heated causing them to go crazy. This demonstrates the lack of product performance.

Also was very annoying the use of the glasses when it reflected the sunlight and the connection to Internet used to have many flaws.

Despite their shortcomings, these gadgets were very useful in various tasks, although they were always used with some smartphone; they facilitated the use of it since you did not have to look at the phone screen at any time.

It was also very useful for some medical students and medical graduates when performing surgical interventions, allowing them to observe in more detail a knee cartilage operation.

Finally, it is noteworthy that apparently Google intends to have better quality with the new Daydream VR, their new augmented reality glasses that go hand in hand with the new Google Pixel.

To back up your WhatsApp conversations on your computer, just follow the steps below.

First, you have to make sure that the application is installed on your Android device; by the way, this guide is only valid for that operating system, users of iOS or Windows 10 Mobile to wait until a new method is out.

To install WhatsApp go to the Play Store on your device, and in the search bar type the name of the application, and then press the “Enter” key. Afterwards, you will receive a series of results, and you must push on the first icon in the list.

Now, wait until the application is downloaded and the installation is completed, to be sure, if you can count on it, in the main application menu of your device. Now comes the most important thing, and it’s exactly what you were looking for, how to make the backup.

Once you have the conversations in play, go to the settings of the application; in them choose the option that indicates “Back up my conversations periodically.” With this enabled, WhatsApp will perform local backup, like on your MicroSD or internal device memory daily at 4:00 AM.


Once that you have enabled the settings you must connect your device to the PC

Now, it’s time to play the “complicated” part, and you must connect your device to the computer or other device where you want to save your conversations as backup. To do this, use your USB connector and activate the “Storage” mode in the Android notification bar.

After that, on your computer, browse to the folder that is in the following path:

“Your MicroSD name/WhatsApp/Databases”

In this path you will find the file called “msgstore.db.crypt“, copy the file, pressing the right mouse button and selecting the corresponding option. Then, locate the folder where you want to save it; it could be, for example, on your desktop.

With this file in your possession, things will be much easier when it comes to recovering your conversations, if you do not trust them in the cloud service of WhatsApp itself.

To do this, you only have to use it in another device, with the application installed of course, and positioning it inside the same folder from where you extracted it. , then you must use the option called “Restore my conversations

Surely this article has been useful, and is that it is always a great idea to have a second form of backup, either for when you get your device soft-bricked, or when you have to buy a new one.

Remember, as mentioned, as for the other mobile operating systems, it is difficult for now to back up your conversations due to access limitations in your local file system or directories. For example, in the iPhone, you must have the jailbreak enabled.

Android takes the advantage in terms of its freedom, as you can certainly appreciate, but you should also keep in mind that this is a double-edged weapon, since anyone could install malware, even from the Google store itself, the Play Store.