After doing a short piece on the dark side of technology, we figured it makes sense to look at the positives. Which there are plenty of.

In fact, you are much more likely to benefit from the technological advancements rather than suffer.

What’s with the positivity

We like to bash the 1% for being greedy. Sure, they always want more money and there is a terrible disbalance in the world regarding poverty. But you know what rich and powerful also want? To live. It’s much more of an attractive option rather by being wiped out by AI robots.

A.I. robot SofiaAnd they can influence things.

Forget all the Jeffs and Chads of social media japing on about World War 3 and the rise of the machines. They may come to destroy us, or they may not. In any case, there is very little you and I can do about it.

On the other hand, we all already benefit from technological advancements every day.

The Light Side of the Moon

Take any area in life and you will see how technology has helped billions of people around the world. We used to have polio and die at 40 years old. We worked in mines and had slavery.

Rumba cleans the floorThese days are gone. Whether we are talking medicine, spreading the message, cleaning up the planet, exploring outer space or understanding animals better.

We can talk about spending more time with out families while Rumba cleans the floor.

We can talk about people who get to touch, see, hear for the first time in many years.

We can talk about people who will get to live because their liver, kidney or heart was grown in a lab.

We can talk about helping people with a wide array of problems.

All thanks to science and technology that helped us understand all those problems.

What you need to do

Stay conscious. Technology is a lure to all the fish of the world. One more YouTube video (never is), last phone check (it’s not), a couple of minutes of live dealer roulette, etc. Time and time again.

Does technology have a dark side? Yes, it does. But there are and always have been people who let themselves go and only care about momentary pleasure. All you have to do is focus on yourself. Stay on your path, recognize when technology is medicine and when it is a lure that draws you from your goals.

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