Technology is a salvation. We get to do things and see places that otherwise we would not be able to. But it has it’s dark side. Consider this, Neanderthals were much more prepared for the technological age than we are. In order to survive, they were always aware of their surroundings because any ruffle of leaves could mean a tiger hiding.

Some psychologists claim that’s where our smartphone addiction comes from. Every beep, every notification draws us like a moth to a flame because, on the subconscious level, it’s a survival instinct. You say that notifications can be turned off? O.K.

But there is a new tiger rustling the leaves of the bush. And we should be terrified of it. It’s called Augmented Reality.

The Private Age

When the internet was born, we as users learned the power of privacy. No more marching to the ‘XXX 24/7’ store. It’s all on the internet now. FREE. No more shaming stares after you ask a dumb

question. All the answers are online and these questions have already been asked by someone else.

Our habits

Waiting until your casino opens? No need. It’s already online and even, on your mobile phone where you can pay by phone at casino you play.

Not to say it’s all bad. Or even bad, altogether.

But we got addicted. That’s a fact.

Our habits changed. We changed.

It was the dawn of the age of trolls (South Park nailed the issue in Season 20). So, what’s the problem? Let’s leave the debate of whether you should or shouldn’t have complete privacy online. The issue is that we got used to the internet as a private place and don’t notice that it’s not anymore.

Facebook (and let’s be honest, every other company to advertise on Google and Facebook) know everything about us. Our hobbies, our friends, our problems. We are being surveilled 24/7 for the last 10 years. And if that doesn’t hurt because you don’t see it, it’s going to get ugly pretty soon.

Big Brother Age

Big Brother AgeIn the beginning, we mentioned augmented reality. The concept is extremely appealing in movies, especially in action movies like the Minority Report. But is it really sexy in the real world?

Ask yourself this: How would you feel if all day, every day you would be surrounded by cameras and never knew when they were on?

See what I mean? Google Glass stirred the pot a few years back, now Snapchat has their own camera-glasses. And there will be many more products in the next few years. It’s not the case of not acting badly. Humans are imperfect. Follow anyone for a day and you’ll be able to record dozens of ‘incriminating’ moments.

Here’s the worst part. Not only we are unprepared, we are powerless to change anything. The only options seem to be going off grid or accepting. Or maybe that’s a positive thing? Maybe, we will learn to tell the truth more often and handle it better. Maybe we’ll become more empathic of each other, learn to understand that a small lie from our best friend is not the betrayal of Judas.